I couldn’t help myself after reading this on the dating site TS Girlfriend regarding SEO and transwomen.

“Next, why do we use the term “shemale dating” as well as other shemale-related porn terms at this website? Yes, we know the term is offensive to the transgendered community. Allow me to apologize for that right now. Our target audience is men. The goal is to educate them. Men use search engines and often use the term “shemale.” Being a search engine expert, I tuned this website to respond well to some shemale-related terms. Why? To put this website directly in their path so they would find it. We can’t educate them if we can’t reach them, folks. That is the strategy. We would appreciate your understanding and accept the need for this.”

So like everyone else T-Gina wants a bit of that action and funny thing, when I’m checking my stats in Google Analytics 30-40 times an hour, guess what comes out on top?

SO to everyone coming here for the HOT SHEMALE $hemale action, I hope my new BLING is not offensive & welcome and enjoy yourselves!